Welcome to my website!

I’m glad you came to visit my website. I’m Colleen Smith, and I’ve been drawing, painting and designing for most of my life.

I started as a graphic designer, then became an art director. I enjoy creating images that help my clients define who they are. The last few years I’ve focused on traditional art and illustration. It’s been fun to get “dirty” using pencil, paint and paper again. I enjoy it and would like to use my talents more often in the commercial world.

My portfolios are broken into four categories:

Fine Art: This is how I see the world, using mostly watercolor but sometimes pastels and pencil.

Illustration: My illustrations are how I imagine the world and tell part of a story. I use watercolor, graphite pencils, colored pencils or pastels for my finished pieces.

Graphic Design: These are pieces created for commercial and non-profit organizations. I’ve designed logos, brochures, publications, point-of-purchase displays and advertising campaigns. I use Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop and InDesign to prepare files for the printing and digital world.

Sketches: I love sketching! These are doodles that keep me from getting rusty and ideas not quite finished.